The Need For Drug Testing

Employees who use drugs cost the American economy billions of dollars every year because of loss of productivity. Drug use makes an employee be less productive.

In federal workplaces, drug testing is mandatory. Many companies in America have also adopted drug-testing programs.

Before the hiring of an employee, there will be drug testing. This happens with the goal of facilitating a drug-free workplace. Drugs are dangerous. Drug use can lead to loss of life.

It takes a lot of money to treat drug abusers. An employee can skip work in the process of undergoing treatment. Drug users are more likely to be absent from work. When they attend work, they are likely to take more breaks.

A drug user will have temperament issues. That will create a toxic work environment. Such an employee can even threaten violence against other employees.

As soon as there is drug use suspicion, a test should happen. If the test turns positive, there must be a warning letter. The employee should go on forced leave pending further investigations. After several warning letters, dismissal should happen.

There are a number of drug tests. The most popular drug-testing program is the urine test. This involves testing a urine sample. Employees deserve privacy when collecting urine samples. That should happen in a toilet. The sample will subsequently undergo testing.

The test will search for drug metabolites. It will indicate whether there are marijuana traces. Marijuana is the most abused drug in the workplace. There will also be a cocaine test. Cocaine is one of the most lethal drugs in America. There will be no alcohol testing. However, employees need to minimize or avoid alcohol consumption since it impairs judgment.

Jobs that involve serious machinery normally have stringent drug testing. Operating a machine while high can lead to serious injury. A doctor should also not use drugs. That might cause medical negligence resulting in loss of life.

Someone who fails pre-employment drug testing will not get a job despite having qualifications and experience. The employer will not force anyone to undergo a drug test. However, being hired is contingent on undergoing this test and subsequently passing it.

If you are about to sit for an interview, you need to clear your body of all drugs. You should avoid drugs some weeks before the interview. Detoxifying your body will help. That will require drinking a lot of water and eating healthy foods.

Passing the pre-employment test is not enough. The employer can carry out random tests without any prior notification. After getting a job, you should strive to remain clean to retain your job.

The Bottom-Line

Drugs are a menace in society. They are making many Americans drop out of school. Some people manage to complete schooling and enter the workforce but they continue using drugs.

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